R-Magic Racing Energy Oil Filter

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The R-Magic Racing Energy Oil filter is Made in Japan for the Rotary Tuning Legends R-Magic

These oil filters are extremly compact while offering excellent filtration for your engines oil system standing at just 65mm heigh these filters are great if your tight for space in your engine bay.

Two different types of filter paper improve filter performance.
In order to improve the filtration efficiency, a two-stage filtration method is adopted to increase the filtration volume, with the inner filter paper having a coarse layer on the injection side and a dense layer on the extraction side .
Compatibility with aftermarket parts is also OK.
If an external sandwich type oil block is used for an additional oil cooler or additional gauge sensors is installed, it is possible for a part of the throttle body to interfere with the stock size oil filter (particularly FD3S).
This product is cleared by lowering the overall height.

This filter will fit all Rotary engine applications including

  • Old Skool Rotary Engines
  • First Generation Mazda Rx-7 SA and FB
  • Second Generation RX-7 FC inc Turbo II
  • Third Generstion RX-7 FD3s
  • Cosmo 13b and 20b
  • Series 1 RX-8
  • Series 2 RX-8

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