Comma X-Flow 15w40 Mineral Oil 5l

£20.00£75.00 (inc VAT)

This is our Go to no frills oil we use on a daily basis here at Essex Rotary.


Earn up to 75 ER Points.


This is the standard stuff that we normally use on our services, offering a higher viscosity than the recommended oil, 15w40 will help protect the inside of your engine better especially the stationary gear bearings (a key weak point on the RX-8 when using 5w30)

This oil is supplied in a 5 liter can and should be enough for a oil change plug 1-1.5 liters spare for top ups.

We recommend 3000-6000mile (or 6 months) oil changes to keep your oil as clean as possible.

Larger quantities are available please contact us for pricing


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