ER Points

So what are ER Points?

ER points are our way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer, quite basically for every £1.00 you spend in the store (this does not include shipping costs) you will be rewarded with 1 ER Point, These points are stored against your account and can be redeemed against future purchases from our web store.

Currently for every 100 ER points collected you can get a £2.50 discount against a future order.

You do not have to use them all at once, equally you could save them up to get a free item on a future order if you wish.

So how do I qualify for ER Points?

This is pretty simple, all you need to do is register for an account on our store using the register button at the top of the page (if you have not already done so) This is so simple in face we will reward you with 100 free ER Points just for registering.

Now go order the parts you wanted anyway and watch as your points start to add up on your account.

How do I find out how many points an item will reward me with

As stated above generally for each £1.00 spent you will earn 1 point, however the are some exceptions to this at times (more details of this below) so to keep you in the loop, each item description will show just how many points you will earn when adding this item to your card and completing your purchase.
The summery is shown usually near the top just above the “add to cart” button.
You will also find a summery of the total amount of points earned for your current shopping cart in the “cart/checkout” pages.


There are some exceptions such as special promo’s etc that may not offer ER points at the time due to a larger discount being given on the product, on the flip side we may at times run promo’s where you may earn extra loyalty points for purchasing a particular product or range.

Bonus Points

You can also earn 50 ER points for each product review you leave, please remember you must be logged in to your account and it must be an item you have purchased from our (new) web shop in order for you to be able to leave a review.

If you have any more questions regarding the ER Loyalty points system please do get in contact.

Please note that ER points cannot be applied to the accounts of customers (for old purchases) that may have purchased goods from our old web shop, this is a new shop with new rewards.
Essex Rotary reserve the right to review and modify these terms and the amount of points rewarded or the redeemable value of the points without prior notice.