Essex Rotary Porting Template Blanks

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Ideal to transferring or copying an existing port shape to a new iron.

Sold as a pair.

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Our new Porting Template blanks are used when copying or transferring a port design from one engine iron to another.

If you are designing your own ports or need to transfer port shapes from an old damaged iron across to a new set then this is the part for you.

These Templates are blank to enable you to transfer whatever port shape you need.

we recommend using some engineers blue in order to aid in transferring your port shape.

Then cut out to the pattern left by the engineers blue and finish with a file or sandpaper to the shape of your current port. This will then enable you to park a perfect duplicate of your old/newly designed port on the other irons you are using.

Ideal for transferring intake port shapes on your RX-7 or intake and exhaust port shapes on your RX-8 RENESI engine.

These templates are sold in pairs and currently only come in blanks for the irons. 

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These templates are blank.


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