Car Shop Glow Front Bumper Combination Lights for FD3s

£479.99 (inc VAT)

Bring your RX-7 FD up to date with these awesome LED front lights from the wizard at Car Shop GLOW Japan.

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Car Shop Glow original RX7 FD3S original LED tail lights, These are styled similarly to the current Audi tail light.

Slowly but surely, Car Shop GLOW continues to bring much needed modernization to the aging, but timeless FD3S RX-7 Chassis. It started with the now famous LED tails, but now it’s time to address the front of the car! Utilizing Japanese (not Chinese) LED bulbs, Ken Suzuki at CSG was able to redesign the inside portion of the “99 Spec” front combo lights which normally consist of one parking light and one turn signal. The lights were redone in a way that both the lights have an LED ring that lights up with the parking lights so that you see two lights as opposed to one. These lights are effectively bright, and the brightness level matches perfectly with our rotary powered FD’s 4300k 55w HID headlights to give you an idea. The amber turn signal lights are in the inner ring portion of the light and illuminate just as bright but in amber.


How are they made?

After washing a second hand part, the lens shell is split and the LED board is fitted. Then the wires are pressure bonded.
The lens is refitted and smoked, then finally a clear coat of paint is applied to finish the job. We hope that you are satisfied with these innovative, ‘like new’ lights for your RX7.

Product details:

  • Left and right tail light
  • Each light is riveted with the official Car Shop Glow Authenticity plate.
  • Made with clean used parts and smoke and clear finished.
  • All production is done in Japan.


Additional information


1991-1999 Mazda RX-7 FD*
1999-2002 Mazda RX-7 FD

*will only fit when using a front bumper suitable for 99 spec combination lights.

Fitment Notes

Pre 99 spec RX-7's may require modification of the combination light plugs on the chassis or the use of an adapter harness.


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