Essex Rotary AEM Smart Coil Full Upgrade Kit for RX-8

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A complete ignition kit upgrade option for your RX-8

This kit includes some of the highest quality components available, all compiles in to one complete ignition system solution.

Our AEM SMARt Coil Kit includes the following

With the release of our new AEM SMART Coil harness Essex Rotary are now pleased to offer a full Ignition upgrade option for your RX-7 FD3s utilising the tried and tested AEM IGBT High Output Inductive SMART Coils.

Our Ignition Upgrade kit includes the following parts.

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Our Custom designed bracket mounts your coils in the stock location on a totally new bracket, The bracket is precision CNC laser cut from 2mm 304 stainless steel, so no ugly rusting later on down the road, The bracket also includes stainless steel coil pack mounting bolts and spacers so your kit will always look great.  This mounts have been designed by us in house and are precision laser cut from 304 stainless steel and some with all the necessary hardware and spacers to enable you to install your AEM Inductive SMART Coils.

Our custom made MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor HT leads have been chosen for their super high quality and low resistance (around 50ohms per 30cm run) while offer excellent performance long term, we have been running MSD leads on our own engines for over 10 years.

AEM’s IGBT High Output Inductive Smart Coils are already a popular upgrade for FD3s owners around the world and are well known for their performance and durability, they are now becoming a coil of choice for RX-8 owners looking for that same performance. (Ignition Dwell times for these coils are not required to be adjusted)

Our new hassle free Plug’n’Play AEM SMART coil harness is designed to tie everything together making it a whole package, and make wiring your new AEM SMART coils as simple as plug and go (well there are a few other connections needed but no complicated wiring) The harness simply needs connection to power and battery ground, and an engine ground point, These are all ready for connection on the harness and clearly marked.


We are also offering a set of Genuine NGK “Hotter” Iridium spark plugs to suite the RX-8 and a discounted price when purchased with this ignition upgrade kit. So why not add a set of new NGK Spark Plugs to your package for the ultimate ignition upgrade all from one place.

Please note that AEM SMART Coils usually come with the coil connectors, however when purchasing out Ignition Upgrade package, these connectors are used on the harness itself in order to aid in lowering the overall price, As such you will not find them in the coil boxes, and your SMART coil box.

Additional information


2003-2008 Mazda RX-8*
2008-2013 Maxda RX-8*

*Not compatible with stock air box system.


2003-2008 Mazda RX-8*
2008-2013 Maxda RX-8*

*Not compatible with stock air box system.

Plugs Included

2 x RE7C-L (Leading Spark Plug)
2 x RE9B-T (Trailing Spark Plug)

Location Installed

RE7C-L – Bottom/Lower Plug Ports
RE9B-T – Upper/Top Plug Ports


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