Clutch Alignment Tool for RX-7 SA/FB and FC Non-Turbo

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This is a standard clutch alignment tool for your clutch kit in a 12a FB or Non Turbo FC, Many kits come without these and aligning your clutch plate or plates and pilot bearing is extremely important to the easy installation of your gearbox.

These tools are plastic but can be reused many times.

This tool will fit most older Rotary vehicles that use the older spline size for the clutch plate.


  • RX-2
  • RX-3
  • RX-4
  • RX-5/COSMO
  • RX-7 SA22c
  • RX-7 FB
  • RX-7 FC3s Non Turbo

Please note we always recommend replacing the pilot bearing and seal when removing and reinstalling the gearbox and clutch.

If you are reinstalling a used clutch why not add a new clutch release bearing to your order at the same time too.


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