BRIDE AirBag Canceller

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These Bride airbag cancellers are ideal if installing aftermarket seats or steering wheels, as they designed to prevent the Airbag warning light from coming on when you remove an item containing an airbag.

These ones are specifically selected to work with the Mazda RX-7 or RX-8.

Please note these may require soldering or crimping on the the airbag wires and for safety reasons we would recommend you have a professional workshop fit them if your not confident working with the Airbag system.

Please also remember to disconnect the battery before working on any vehicle electrical system, especially the airbags.


Sold Individually.

This airbag canceller will only prevent the airbag warning light from illuminating due to the removal or the airbag you have wired it in to, any other airbag system that detects a fault the warning light will still illuminate. As such your system will still function for the airbags still installed and you will need 1 airbag canceller for each airbag you remove.

For example, if you replace both seats and the steering wheel in your car and they all had airbags you will require 3 of these.

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