Comma Super Long Life Red Coolant Antifreeze

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Ready to use so no mixing required.

Comma’s Super Long Life Antifreeze has a 5 year service interval.

£28.99 (inc VAT)

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£44.98 (inc VAT)

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In an industry where its becoming more and more confusing to select something as simple as coolant for your car Essex Rotary have made it simple.

We have carefully selected this super long life coolant for is compatibility with the materials that make up your Mazda Rotary engine.

Premixed to reduce mess and minimize hassle. Ready to use with no mixing required.

A coolant specially selected for your rotary engine by the team here at Essex Rotary Each bottle contains 5 liters of premixed coolant ready to go. A normal coolant change will require 2 bottles (10 liters in total) this should be more then enough to cover any rotary model you may have.

Additional information

Volume Per Bottle

Each Bottle Contains 5 Liters of Coolant/Antifreeze

Recommended Service Interval

4 Years/40\'000miles


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