Goopy Oversize 12mm Main Bolt Kit

£295.00 (inc VAT)


Earn up to 295 ER Points.


Goopy Oversize Main Bolt Kits are available for 12a or 13b engines.
Goopy Performance’s Oversized Main Engine Bolts provide a better alternative to the usual dowel pinning method of strengthening the engine
These Oversized Bolts are Specially Made from a High Quality Steel Alloy and are Heat Treated.

The head measures the stock 17mm, but the Goopy Performance shank is visibly larger in diameter. These Goopy Performance Oversized Main Engine Bolts are 2 mm longer than stock as well.

Goopy Performance Oversized Main Engine Bolts require drilling on the rear, middle irons and both rotor housings to accommodate their larger diameter.
Also required is the re-tapping of the front iron to accept the 12mm – 1.25 thread pitch. Goopy Performance has ‘kits’ available to help with installation.
Goopy Performance Oversized Main Engine Bolts are sold in sets of 5 (five), along with 5 (five) precision stainless steel washers.
These have been extensively tested on race engines producing in excess of 900 Horse Power, and are completely reusable.


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