Genuine Mazda Corner Seal Plug Set for RX-7

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This is a set of Genuine Mazda Corner Seal plugs for the RX-7 in either 2mm or 3mm size

Please select your application from the drop down menu to match the slot in your corner seals and apex seal size, either 2mm or 3mm

This is a set of 12 black rubber plugs only and does not include the actual corner seals.

Use these if your corner seals are still in good condition as the plugs usually become hard over time.

Depending on application and size these corner seal plugs will work in all engines prior to the RENESIS 13b-MSP found in the RX-8.
Generally 3mm corner seals where used in engines up to 1985, and 2mm corner seals where used after this time. there are odd engines that have been fitted with 3mm seals so please check your application prior to ordering if your unsure.

Please note that these are not compatible with the RX-8 Corner Seals used in the RENESIS engine.


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