Essex Rotary Sump Brace for RX-7 FC

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Designed and developed in house our RX-7 FC Sump Brace will help to reduce oil pan leaks that are common on these vehicles.

Our new brace will fit all years of Rx-7 FC from 1986-1991 and does not require modification to the engine mounts for clearance.

This brace is designed to provide additional even clamping force around the whole surface of the stock Mazda oil pan, this will help reduce those pesky oil leaks from the oil pan sealant that come with age and or engine flex.

These are a popular addition in the USA however until now have been difficult to find here in the UK.

Our sump brace is ideally used when reinstalling your sump during engine work as you would be using new sealant at the time, however it can also be added to the oil pan setup at any time. as long as there are no leaks already from the existing seal. there is no need to remove the oil level sender or oil drain plug. However you will need to remove the lower engine mount (the one on the bottom of the engine in order to install our brace.

Please note that out oil pan braces will not fix an oil pan sealant leak if it is already present. 

Each oil pan brace is precision CNC laser cut from 5mm steel offering the perfect balance between strength and weight. They are then Gold Zinc plated for long term corrosion protection. your brace will also come with out high tensile Sump stud kit in order to accommodate the extra thickness when installing our brace and oil pan baffle plate.

This sump brace will fit all Series 4 and Series 5 RX-7 FC3s’s and FC3C’s from 1986-1991

Kit includes

  • Essex Rotary Series 1 RX-7 FC Sump Brace
  • Essex Rotary High Tensile Sump Stud Kit

Oil Pan Sealant is not included, if reinstalling your oil pan we would recommend using Loctite SI-5660.


Additional information


1986-1988 Mazda RX-7 FC3s (inc FC3c)
1989-1991 Mazda RX-7 FC3s (inc FC3c)


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