Essex Rotary Oil Pan Baffle Plate for RX-7 FC3s

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This newly designed oil pan baffle plate takes what we have learned from our RX-8 Sump baffle and applies it to the RX-7 FC 13b Engine. This Baffle will fit both Series 4 and Series 5 engines.

The RX-7 FC oil pan is one of those classic old style oil pans, that is literally a but metal bowel at the bottom of your engine where oil collects, this is not the best design in modern standards with zero baffling inside high g cornering can see oil sloshing around and even getting sucking up in to the vent system.

Essex Rotary has worked hard to design a baffle plate that serves several purposes. While still retaining a simple design to allow it to be used in both OEM and aftermarket oil pans. key features are;

  • Aids in removing micro air pockets (foaming) from oil returning to the sump from the engine.
  • Helps engine cooling due to greater heat transfer from the reduction in oil foaming.
  • Helps prevent oil surge in high “G” cornering.
  • Simple to install.

These production plates are the next step on from our early hand built units we tested. Made from high quality Aluminium.

Installation can be carried out with either instant gasket sealant such as Loctite SI-5660 or 2 x genuine Mazda Oil Pan Gaskets, one placed either side.

Also why no take advantage of our Essex Rotary high tensile oil pan stud kit to make installation simple.


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