Essex Rotary RX-7 FD3s Dash Defrost Vent


The Essex Rotary FD3s Dash Defrost Vent is nearing the point where we will be offering this for sale.

This precision CNC lasercut vent is made from high quality 2mm Aluminium and anodised in a high quality satin black finish to reduce dangerous glare on the windscreen when driving during the day or under street lamps.

Our Dash vent is simple to install and comes with all the fasteners required for a quick and easy install.

We designed this vent after we found alternative options on the market did not fit the opening correctly, and felt there was much room for improvement. the original OEM parts are becoming more difficult to source in good condition and many owners are fed up with their broken, split, cracked or even missing dash vents.

There will be more images an information soon along with a special introductory offer for those that wish to pre-order this new part.


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