Essex Rotary Rigid Aluminium Undertray for RX-8 Gen3

£94.00 (inc VAT)

Add rigidity to the underside of your front end with our Aluminium Undertray. Ideal replacement for your broken or damage original,

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This brand new product was the first we have developed.
Laser cut from 2mm thick Aluminium this under tray provides superior  rigidity to the floor of your cars front end at high speed, and is a perfect upgrade if you have damaged your original.

This tray simply slips in to place and retains all the original factory fastener locations. (the factory Rivets will need to be removed) Lightweight and visually appealing this excellent under tray also features the hole for the stock radiators drain plug.

This Undertray come pre-fitted with retained fasteners  for ease of installation. No need to purchase a rivnut/nutsert tool.


  • Lightweight Laser Cut Aluminium Construction
  • 2mm thick for superior strength without adding significant weight.
  • Easy Installation using factory fastening points
  • Enlarged radiator drain hole to work with various aftermarket radiators.
  • Superior front under tray rigidity at high speed.
  • Fastener kit included

A good solid undertray is often overlooked when it comes to cooling via your radiator, as it is important to duct your air through the engines cooling system as efficiently as possible. Broken or missing undertrays will not help engine cooling especially at high speed.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 79 x 72 x 5 cm

Series 1 RX-8 2003-2008
Series 2 RX-8 2008-2013


Laser Cut 2mm 5251 Grade Aluminium

Fitting TIp

The easiest way we have found to remove the factory rivets is to use either an angle grinder with a grinding disc or a rotary die grinder (dremel tyle tool) with a grinding stone.
Simply press the grinding disc or bit on the surface of the rivet for a few seconds to heat it up (your not trying to grind it away) and then simply pull the rived through the plastic.
Be careful as the rivet will be extremely hot ,
Whilst this technique is pretty simple, Essex Rotary are not responsible for any injury caused by DIY installation of this part.


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