Essex Rotary High Flow Sensor Banjo Adapters

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These Banjo Bolt adaptors are custom modified in house to accept a 1/8npt sensor.

1/8npt threads are a tapered thread that are commonly found on many aftermarket sensors for gauges and aftermarker ECU sensors.

Each high flow sensor adaptor will accept one sensor, so if for example you wish to run both Oil temperature and oil pressure you will require 2 of these bolts (1 for each sensor)

We have designed these as a solution to those that need to add additional sensors on top of maybe a system that already have a sandwich plate that is full or those that cannot run the oil sandwich plate for clearance reasons, such as some Modified RX-8 FD’s or even the later Series 2 RX-8 R3

Our High Flow Sensor Banjo Adaptors have increased throughput of fluid due to the additional port size in the bolt body compared to the OEM Banjo Bolts. so even if your running a sensor that protrudes in to the body of the banjo bolt then you should not be concerned with oil flow restriction.

These Bolts are compatible with most models of RX-7 and RX-8 and possibly earlier versions also.

and are known to fit

  • RX-7 SA22c and FB
  • Rx-7 FC3s
  • RX-7 FD3s
  • RX-8 (all years)

Each Banjo Bolt will be supplied with 2 replacement crush washers so you have piece of mind that your lines are not going to leak.

It is recommended that a thread sealant compatible with the system and sensors you are using is used on the sensor port when installing the sensor.


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