Eibach Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 15mm-30mm Options

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Fill those empty arches out by installing some Eibach Wheel Spacers.



Earn up to 145 ER Points.


These Spacers have been selected to fit the RX-7 FD3s or RX-8 only (some width options will not fit stock wheels and arches) Please select your sizes carefully taking in to account your wheels width and offset as well as your specific tire size.

With the right Eibach Pro-Spacers installed, your car takes on a more aggressive look, with the wheels and tires—filling the wheel arches exactly the way they should.

Fine-tuning your track width doesn’t just enhance your car’s looks it also gives you improved handling performance and optimized roll characteristics. The 20mm Pro-Spacers will let you position your tyres exactly where they will look and perform their best. In many cases, installing the right Pro-Spacers can improve the look and function of your existing wheels and tyres so much, you might not need to buy new custom wheels and tyres at all.

The spacers offered are what Eibach call System-4, put simply the system 4 design means you bold the spacer on to the hub using the provided lock nuts then place your wheel over the additional studs pressed in to the spacer itself and bolt your wheel up using your original wheel nuts.

System-4 Spacers are available in

  • 15mm per side
  • 20mm per side
  • 25mm per side
  • 30mm per side

Price quoted is for a pair of Eibach Hubcentric Pro-Spacers.

Please note we advise the following sizes as a guide. This will ensure no rubbing however some customers have been able to go 5mm wider than what we advise with minimul to no rubbing issues)

Series 1 RX-8 2003-2008

  • Front 20mm (recommended)
  • Rear 20mm (recommended)
  • Please note that we have seen many customers now running 25mm on the rear with minimum to no issue

Series 2 RX-8 R3 2008-2013

  • Front 20mm (recommended)
  • Rear 15mm (recommended)
  • Please note that we have seen many customers now running 20mm on the rear with minimum to no issue

As with all our recommendations things may vary depending on your wheel and tire selection, these recommendations are made for cars running stock wheels, tyres and ride height.

Modification to standard wheel studs may be required depending on your wheel design, The below Video from our Youtube channel should help you understand what your looking for.

Additional information

Available Sizes

System-4 is available in
15mm per side
20mm per side
25mm per side
30mm per side


Made from high-tensile-strength aluminium alloy


Size Dependant
RX-7 FD3s
Will not Fit RX-7 FC3s or RX-7 FB/SA22c


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