Adaptronic Plug-In Select ECU for 2003-2008 RX-8

Possibly the best value for money ECU for your RX-8, featuring MAP based VE tuning tables.
Ideal for Forced Induction setups of N/A engines when you are looking for that bit more functionality.


Standalone engine management installation has never been so easy.

Now with the new Adaptronic Plug-In Select for Series 1 Mazda RX-8 can plug and play your way in to the world of standalone. All Adaptronic Plug-In Select ECUs are sold with a base map to get the car running, so all you have to do is plug it in to be up and running again. All ECUs in the Select range have an internal 4 bar MAP sensor, so you can simply run a hose from the barb on the ECU into the engine bay.
You may retain the air flow meter if you wish, but MAP sensing is required for most forced-induction applications. Although these ECUs are plug-and-play, you still have the freedom to configure and tune the ECU as you wish, using the user-friendly WARI (or Newer Eugene) tuning software.
Pinout tables are provided for all Plug-In Select ECUs, so you know exactly what each input and output is connected to on the engine. This model requires the original ECU to be left in place to control some basic functions like alternator and Throttle control as well as traction control. The Adaptronic acts as a piggy-back in this situation but the ability of the standalone is not diminished in any way.


The Adaptronic Plug-In Select for RX-8 Features include:

  • Built in MAP sensor to eliminate airflow meter
  • VE tuning to simplify injector upgrades
  • Easy to use software
  • Compatible with many third party dashes and devices
  • Full closed loop operation
  • Flex fuel capable
  • Compatible with NA, turbo, supercharged and individual throttle applications
  • Boost control
  • Compatible with factory CAS and ignition system
  • Piggyback configuration, leaving idle control, cruise control, stability control to the factory ECU
  • Spark split control
  • Output for air filter flap can be used for boost control
  • Control over thermo fans
  • Drives all 4 inlet flaps / valves (APV, VFAD, VDI, SSV)
  • Compatible with auto and manual cars
  • Direct plug-in to factory wiring and fits inside factory ECU enclosure

Please Note that If the idle speed needs to be changed due to porting, we recommend using a reflashing tool eg MazdaEdit from to do this. Please allow up to 14 days for this item to be delivered from date of cleared payment.

All questions and support queries for Adaptronic ECU’s should be sent direct to Adaptronic

Additional information


Compatible with 2003-2008 RX-8 On;y as a plug and play ECU
Will not fit the Series 2 RX-8 R3


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