Adaptronic e440d Select Universal ECU for 2008-2013 RX-8 R3

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Possibly the best value for money ECU for your RX-8, featuring MAP based VE tuning tables.
Ideal for Forced Induction setups of N/A engines when you are looking for that bit more functionality.

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This Adaptronic ECU though not specifically designed for the S2 (R3) RX-8, is the kit to enable you to run and map on an aftermarket ECU. Each kit will include a 2 meter bare loom kit The 440/Select ECU is the full-featured progression of the earlier 420d model. Enhancements include more RAM for future firmware updates, faster proccessing, USB (and RS232) connectivity, a headphone jack for knock monitoring and a list of new firmware features. the e440 Delect features include;


  • Built in MAP sensor to eliminate airflow meter
  • VE tuning to simplify injector upgrades
  • Easy to use software
  • Compatible with many third party dashes and devices
  • Full closed loop operation
  • Flex fuel capable
  • Compatible with NA, turbo, supercharged and individual throttle applications
  • Boost control
  • Compatible with factory CAS and ignition system
  • Piggyback configuration, leaving idle control, cruise control, stability control to the factory ECU
  • Spark split control
  • Output for air filter flap can be used for boost control
  • Control over thermo fans
  • Drives all 4 inlet flaps / valves (APV, VFAD, VDI, SSV)
  • Compatible with auto and manual cars

Please Note that If the idle speed needs to be changed due to porting, we recommend using a reflashing tool eg MazdaEdit from to do this.


For the RX8 Series 2 installation: 1.If you’re doing your own tuning, we recommend replacing the front O2 sensor with a wideband lambda sensor. 2. The factory ECU requires the airflow meter for idle control, 3. The ECU must be wired into the factory loom. Additional components required include a long harness, 2 x 5-pni relays and an OBD interface. 4. If the idle speed needs to be changed due to porting, we recommend using a reflashing tool eg MazdaEdit from to do this. 5. If you are changing to direct fire coils or otherwise changing the ignition system, ensure that it is wired and grounded correctly. If you’re using a coil / ignitor system where the secondary is grounded, the coil ground must be grounded to the rotor housing (not the chassis). This includes LS1, LS2 and AEM coils. If you’re using an ignition coil where the secondary is connected to the positive supply (eg the Bosch 717 coils), you must have a capacitor from the ignition coil positive to the rotor housing. This is standard in factory looms, but sometimes people forget this when they wire up their own ignition systems. Please allow up to 14 days for this item to be delivered from date of cleared payment.

All questions and support queries for Adaptronic ECU’s should be sent direct to Adaptronic

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Compatible with 2008-2013 RX-8
Will require wiring in to the stock harness.


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