Refurbished Brake Calliper Set for RX-7 FD3s

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Are your brake calipers looking tired, rusty or having sticking or binding issues, then it may be time for an change.

Overhaul your brake calipers on your RX-7 FD3s with our Refurbished calipers. Simply order your calipers in a color of your choice, pack your parts up and send them off to us, we will take care of the rest.

The overhaul procedure is carried out by a professional brake refurbishment specialist and  will include strip and cleaned, inspected, refinished in a color of your choice, then rebuild with new seals.
Please note that guide pins, hardware etc will be retained from your original parts. If these are required then they will need to be purchased separately.

Please note that we can offer a calliper exchange service, however there will be a deposit required to be paid up front the is returnable once we receive your original callipers back. please see the information below under the “Calliper Exchange Service and Core Charge Deposit” for further details.

The prices listed are for a pair, either fronts or rears. please make your selection from the drop down menu’s

A little more about the process

Your calliper will be completely stripped of the old pistons, seals, bleed screws, slider rubbers and and separated if in 2 parts. The stripped parts are discarded as these will be replaced with new components. Your Callipers are then ready for cleaning and shot blasting.

All brake callipers and slider brackets are then shot-blasted.
As part of the overhaul service for all callipers, new seals, bleed screws, slider rubbers and new pistons  are provided which are included in the price.

Your callipers and slider brackets are coated with your chosen finish. and then the callipers are reassembled with the new components.

All callipers are pressure tested prior to being packed and returned to ensure leak free service. with a 12 month guarantee on their hydraulic operation.

Normal turn around is 3-4 weeks from receipt of your callipers at Essex Rotary HQ.  Please note that at times of high demand they may be longer please check with us if you need these quickly.

You may wish to add some our the Russell speed bleeders or our braided brake hoses to your order, this would really finish off your brake overhaul nicely.

Image for illustration purposes only and may not represent the actual calliper. though colors are of actual callipers we have had refurbished.


Calliper Exchange Service and Core Charge Deposit

We can offer an exchange service (Please note that not all colors may be available from stock) for instances where you require callipers to be supplied prior to sending your back.

You will need to purchase a core charge deposit for your callipers HERE, this is refundable back to you once we receive your original callipers back and they have been inspected to ensure they are rebuildable.

The Deposit is equal to the cost of your calliper refurbishment and each deposit will cover the cost of 1 pair of callipers, So if you are replacing both front and rear sets, and you need us to send you out a set of each in advance then you will need to pay for 2 core charge deposits.

Once that have been confirmed as rebuildable we can refund your core charge deposit back to your payment method.

Callipers would need to be returned within 30 days of you receiving your refurbished units from Essex Rotary. You are responsible for the return shipping cost and arranging return shipping. Failure to return these callipers in the specified time will result in your core charge deposit being forfeited as we will need to used this deposit to source replacement units.

If your one or your callipers are not deemed to be rebuildable then you would only receive back 50% of your core charge deposit for that set.

Additional information


Please remove all brake pads, banjo bolts, brake lines, brake pad sliders and bleed screws.
If you are unable to remove bleed screws please contact us first for a quotation on this repair.
If you ship calipers with of some of these items then a surcharge may be applied by the caliper shop for removal services such as stuck bleed screws.
This would need to be paid prior to them being returned to Essex Rotary for forward shipping to yourself.

Unusable Calipers

There may be instances where the caliper(s) returned to us are unusable or in too bad a shape for reliable refurbishment. This is determined by the specialist once they have been received and inspected by them. We must stress this is rare.
Under these circumstances if you decide not to have the work carried out or and want them returned to you then please note there may be a processing charge applied by the Caliper shop as well as the various shipping costs, this would be deducted from the original amount paid.


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