Racing Beat Oil System Upgrade Kit for RX-8

£171.99 (inc VAT)

This Racing Beat oil system upgrade kit contains both the Racing Beat oil pressure regulator and the Racing Beat thermal bypass pellet Delete.

Suitable for 2004-2008 RX-8’s Only

As the later R3 does not have a rear Oil Pressure Regulator.


Earn up to 172 ER Points.


Oil Pressure Regulator

The Racing Beat-manufactured Street High Performance Rear Oil Pressure Regulator for the RX-8 interchanges exactly with the stock rear oil pressure regulator on all 2004-2008 Renesis engines. It is designed to bypass at 90-95 PSI, making it well suited for street-ported Renesis engines and a piece of mind upgrade for normal rebuilds. As supplied by Mazda, the factory pressure regulator is intended to bypass at maximum nominal rate of 80 PSI

Thermal bypass pellet

The thermal bypass pellet is designed to replace the stock thermal pellet found in the front of all eccentric shafts from 1986 onward the stock pellet works like a thermostat restricting oil flow to parts of the engine when cold. however when they fail they generally fail in the closed position leading to permanently reduced oil flow this is not good for your engine. The Racing Beat bypass pellet removes this point of possible failure. The pellet replaces the stock unit and allows full oil flow from cold. So by using the Eccentric Shaft Thermal Bypass Pellet Replacement you will know the oil is reaching the parts it should at all times.

Additional information

Oil Regulator Spec

Street Regulator Bypass Pressure 90-95PSI
Race Regulator Bypass Pressure 105-115PSI


Please Note The 2009-2011 RX-8 Renesis engine is not equipped with a rear pressure regulator. Normal oil maximum oil pressure on this application is 110-115 PSI. We do not offer a regulator to increase the oil pressure on this application.


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