Project Mu HC800 Brake Pads for RX-7 FD & FC

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Hypercarbon 800 Brake Pads from Project Mu, offer a great crossover between a fast road and track day pad. before going in to the range of full race pads.


Earn up to 260 ER Points.


Hypercarbon 800 Brake Pads from Project Mu

When you need extreme stopping power with extreme performance applications, you need Project Mu HC800 pads. The HC800 is capable of 800 Celsius yet is still able to use effectively with little warming up.



HC800 is a genuine ‘cross over’ pad suitable for both Fast Steet and Track Day conditions.
The HC800 is extremely capable in competition environments, so use this pad if you are involved in serious track days, rallying, autocross, sprint, time trails etc. Along with temperature capabilities, HC800 is renowned as a ‘driver’s pad’ with unmatched driver feel and control. Available in many shapes and thicknesses.

Image is for illustration purposes only and does not represent the actual Pad shape you will receive when ordering.

Additional information

Friction Material

Super Graphite Metallic

Operating Temperature

0℃ – 800℃

Friction Coefficient

0.43μ – 0.58μ


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