HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter with Neodymium Magnet PURPLE Edition (Discontinued)

New Limited Purple Edition

The filter with integral Neodymium Magnet technology inside.


This Item is now Discontinued by HKS

This is a Special PURPLE edition HKS Filter, the Same great filter back in a super cool color.

HKS Oil Filter’s minimum particle size is 20μ compared with 25μ of JIS standard which corresponds to the filteration performance requirement of most engines.

A new concept oil filter which improves oil pressure drop and flow properties by approximately 30% compared to current sports oil filters. Large diameter of “Super Intake Hole” and newly developed low resistance hybrid filter allow low pressure loss. Engine response is also improved by reducing the stress on the engine.

Most sports oil filters are prerequisite for using the high viscosity oil and therefore filter paper strength is prioritized whilst sacrificing absolute pressure loss properties. HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter has readdressed filter strength and overall structure to provide the oil flow that the engine requires and pursue HKS’ ideals in what is required from a sports oil filter.

Additional information

Filter Fitment


Filter Microns

20μ – 20 microns

Alternate Vehicle Fitment

Nissans, Hondas, and Mitsubishi's


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