Hardrace Harden Motor Engine Mount Set for RX-8

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Available in 2 different stiffness options, for Street or Race these Engine mounts offer a great alternative to the OEM Mazda Mounts.

Reinforced engine mount made by hardness rubber create more strength than OE rubber mounts, reduce engine movement significantly, and provide the maximum output under engine acceleration.

  • Offers a more direct connection between the Drive-train and Chassis
  • Increasing the life span
  • Helps to put power down to the wheels
  • Direct bolt-on with OEM components
  • Increased stability during cornering and acceleration

Street Mounts

Ideal as an OEM alternative replacement for those looking to maintain the comfort and low noise they are used to from the OEM mounts. these are slightly stiffer than the stock Mazda mounts, but not excessively

Race Mounts

These race mounts are stiffer then the street mounts and offer a stiffer more direct connection between the engine and the subframe. These can be used on a street car however you will notice an increase in NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) this is not to everyone likening however it is subjective, some will find it acceptable while others will not.

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These mounts are sold as a pair. When replacing your engine mounts with aftermarket options it is recommended to replace them as a matching pair.


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