Genuine Mazda Water Pump Gasket for RX-7 FC3s

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This is replacement water pump gasket for your RX-7 FC3s series 4 or Series 5 (please select your required pump gasket from the menu according to the engine series)

While the pumps look similar it is simple to identify what pump you have fitted to determine what gasket you require.

  • Series 4 Pumps and Gaskets have 7 holes around the outside
  • Series 5 Pumps and Gaskets have 8 holes around the outside

Please note that it is common for failing water pumps to leak from a small hold in the bottom of the bearing housing, this is often mistaken as a leaking water pump gasket as the leak cannot be located without removing the water pump pulley and the use of a mirror to check the underside.


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