Essex Rotary Thermal Bypass Pellet Delete

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Fits all engines from 1986 and later

Essex Rotary Eccentric Shaft Thermal Bypass Pellet Replacement can be installed on any 1986 and later eccentric shaft. from RX-7 FC3s through to late RX-8’s.


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The Thermal pellet is designed to delete the traditional oil thermostat found in the front of the eccentric shaft, this unit is known to fail over time and usually fails in the open position reducing oil flow to your engine, with the thermal pellet stuck open this would prevent the cooling oil jets from operating, meaning the rotors would receive less than ideal cooling.

If the OEM thermal pellet was to fail  it is very unlikely that you would ever know until you had to tear down your engine.

Highly recommended to fit at the time of a rebuild.

Each pellet it made here in the UK Exclusivity for Essex Rotary and is manufactures from 6082 Aluminium.  Our pellets feature an M6 threaded hole down the center to make removal if required in future easy. Each pellet is supplied with a bolt for removal.

Please note that installing a thermal pellet delete will mean your engine will take a little longer to warm up on cold start however we feel that this mod is worth it and it is not significantly noticeable.

This Pellet fits all rotary engines 1986-2013 from the second generation RX-7 through to the RX-8


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Will Fit all Rotary Engines Front 1986 through to the RENESIS in the RX-8
Not Required for Engines Pre 1986


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