Essex Rotary RX-7 FD3s AEM SMART Coil Plug’n’Play Harness

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After many months of development Essex Rotary can now offer an true plug and play ignition coil harness to enable you to install the popular AEM SMART Ignition Coils in to your RX-7 FD3s without hassle or the need to cut and splice wires or de-pin the OEM  Ignitor connector in order to then re-pin it in to a new connector.

This to our knowledge is is the first try plug and play harness on the market.

Our harness it made to high specification using some of the following components to give you a hard wearing durable long lasting ignition harness that you can rely on.

  • Raychem Spec55 Mil-spec Cable
  • Raychem heat shrink sleeving
  • Raychem dual wall sleeving for booting and branch points
  • Kapton tape for reinforcing and harness bundeling
  • OEM connectors where possible

Fused with a 40A power supply and a suitable relay, our new harness should give you years of reliable service.

The main power wire is also long enough to give you several options when it comes to connection, such as direct to battery, in to the battery fuse box or even the larger fuse and relay box found near the strut tower (the last option is our preferred location)

Each harness is hand built and tested in house at Essex Rotary HQ.

Supports for both Wasted Spark and Direct Fire Ignition

We have designed our harness to support the OEM ignition configuration of wastes spark where both leading spark plugs (and coils) are fired at the same time, this is the way Mazda set up both the FD and the FC’s ignition system, if your aftermarket ECU only supports wasted spark then the our harness is ready to go.

If your running an aftermarket ECU that can support Direct Fire (each spark plugs and coils are fired individually) then its simply a matter of cutting the loom in the harness found near the ignitor connector and your all set your all set up for direct fire ignition. Don’t forget to insulate the ends of the cut loop to prevent moisture ingress.

Raychem Spec55 Mil-spec Tefzel Insulated Wire

Raychem’s Spec55 Mil-spec wire can be found in many applications where extreme durability is needed but the the bulk and weight of conventional sire is not. Spec55 wire is good for temperatures up to 150°C and its insulation (better known as Tefzel) offers great abrasions resistance and is resistant to most fuels and chemicals. Tefzel is the cable of choice in the high ends or motorsport, military and aerospace when you need a wire that strong and super lightweight.

Integral Fuse and Relay Holder

We have also integrated a fuse and relay holder that can be easily install on the side of the engine bay directly where the ignitor is removed from utilising the stock bolt locations for mounting. Relay and 40A fuse are also included.

Our harness features several differences from others that are available.

Dedicated Front and Rear Rotor Grounding Points

We chose to include 2 separate engine grounding rings, one for the front rotor and one for the rear, by splitting these we have reduced the likelihood of some modern ECU’s throwing misfire lights on occasions, this is something that can happen if 4 the coils grounds are bunched together on one location.

We have however provided sufficient cable to enable you to ground them in one location if your ECU is not does not support misfire detection.

Plug’n’Play Ignitor Harness Compatible Connector

One of the key things we wanted to bring to our harness was a true plug and play system, enabling you to hook up the various grounds and power connections then simply remove and disconnect your stock ignitor and simply plug in our harness without the need to remove pins from the OEM ignitor connector and plug them in to a new connector. this makes is simple to install and removed the stress of making sure its done right.

Clearly Labeled Connectors

Each power, ground and coil connector are clearly labelled so there is no confusion as to what does where, You will find we have labelled all the critical connections for you to make installing this harness hassle and confusion free making is a pleasure to plug in.

  • Leading 1 Coil
  • Trailing 1 Coil
  • Leading 2 Coil
  • Trailing 2 Coil
  • Main Power
  • Main Ground
  • Front Rotor Ground
  • Rear Rotor Ground

So if your looking for a harness ready for use on your RX-7 when upgrading to the AEM SMARt Coils then look not further our hassle free harness makes this choice simple and will give you piece of mind that your ignition system will not let you down.



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1991-1995 Mazda RX-7 FD3s Series 6
1996-1998 Mazda RX-7 FD3s Series 7
1999-2002 Mazda RX-7 FD3s Series 8


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