Dixcel SD Slotted Brake Discs for RX-7 FD3s

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These SD (Slotted Design) Brake Discs from Dixcel Japan are extremely popular and offer great value for money.

Available in front and Read discs (unlike many other manufacturers) and also available in the larger sized 314mm (fronts) and 313.5mm (rear) found on some of the later special edition FD’s.

Please select your sizes from the menu.

Selecting the right size for your car

Larger sizes are commonly found on the RZ and RS versions as well as the Spirit-R (please not it is always to good idea to measure your discs prior to ordering, as some cars may have had the larger brake setup retrofitted.
As a rough guide the larger 313.5mm front discs are 32mm thick (when new) with the rears measuring 315mm and 22mm thick (when new)

Compare this to the standard size of  294mm (front and rear discs) at 22mm Thick (when new)

If your FD is fitted with 16inch wheels it is highly likely your have the smaller brakes as most FD’s with the larger brakes come with 17 inch wheels.

These SD discs are slotted for improved cooling and durability. These are extremely popular in Japan due to their design, durability and great price.

The safety of having an additional 20% improvement in brake performance.

  • Simulated testing of both the SD and PD discs in the same conditions show a increase of brake performance by up to 20%.
  • With a 20% increase in brake performance, the driver can drive with more comfort and safety.
  • After careful consideration of various factors such as pad wear, noise level, and gas ventilation, 6 slots was adopted as a standard for SD brake discs.
  • The best width, angle, and depth of the slots were chosen using the data from various races and road tests.
  • For the 6 slot brake discs, reverse rotation (slots pointing forward) is recommended for a better brake performance.
  • By offsetting the slots on the inner and outer side of the disc, an improvement in brake modulation was achieved.


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