Blitz Type-D Oil Sandwich Plate Sensor Attachment

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This Blitz oil sandwich plate will fit vehicles that use a filter with either 65mm or 70mm seals within them.

Made from high quality aluminium this sandwich plate is ideal for installation of oil temp sensors or pressure sensors, making monitoring oil your engines oil easy when installing gauges in to your engine. No drilling or tapping of your engine block required.

The Blitz sandwich plate includes 3 threaded 1/8pt ports for sensors or oil feeds and 2 blanking plugs included with the kit.
The Blitz oil sandwich attachment also includes both 3/4-16 and M20xP1.5 filter attachments so this will fit most vehicles not just your Mazda Rotary.

This is the ideal sandwich plate for installing DEFI sensors as they are 1/8PT not 1/8NPT

Please note that if your sensors are 1/8NPT then this sandwich plate will not fit your sensors without tapping the ports out to the correct thread (this is possible as we have done this in the past for customers at our workshop.

Sandwich plate high it approx 28mm.


  • Dual size sandwich plate fits 65mm and 7mm filters
  • Billet Aluminium Construction
  • 3 x 1/8PT ports for sensors 2 x port plugs included

Each kit includes

  • Blitz Type D Oil Sensor Attachment (Sandwich Plate)
  • O Ring Seals for both 65mm and 70mm Oil Filter Housings
  • 2 x 1/8PN Port Plugs
  • 1 x Centre Bolt 3/4-16
  • 1 x Centre Bolt M20xP1.5



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