BC Racing BR-RA Series Coilover Kit for RX-7 FC3s

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The BR series coilovers use a large 46mm diameter piston in a 53mm diameter damper body to maximise oil capacity.

As the damper unit operates the oil contained within heats up. The viscosity of oil changes as its temperature varies which can lead to changes in the damping characteristic of the unit.

BC Racing only use a very high quality oil with their coilovers but go that extra mile to maximise performance and build their BR range with a large 53mm diameter damper body. This increases the capacity of the unit which increases the volume of oil contained which in turn reduces the peak temperature and so significantly improves damper performance.

This is the kit BC Racing recommend for the best balance of performance and comfort, designed by the factory to have the best overall compromise of spring rate, ride height range, top mount design and damping rate to suit the majority of car owners.

It is more than capable of dealing with fast road and track work but also retains a high degree ride civility so the car can still be used for mundane duties and long journeys without the ride becoming tiring.

The RA series coilover kits are supplied with aluminium front top mounts with pillowball centres (camber adjustable if macpherson) and aluminium rear top mounts with rubber centres or no top mounts (depending on application)

This FC3s BR Coilovers come in RA Configuration with the following spring rates

8kg/mm front
6kg/mm rear

a higher spring rate set set are available with a longer special order lead time, these are

12kg/mm front
10kg/mm rear

Key Features

  • Pillowball upper mount
  • Camber adjustable top mounts*
  • Aluminium top plates
  • 30 way adjustable damping
  • Adjustable spring platform
  • Height adjustment via bottom mount to retain full damper travel
  • Bearing mounted upper front spring platform
  • Dust boot to protect damper seals

* some features are dependent on model



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