NGK Spark Plug BUR7EQP Set of 2 for RX-7

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Hotter running BUR7EQP spark plugs for your RX-7

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Set of 2 hotter running BUR7EQP Genuine NGK Spark Plugs for your RX-7 FD3s

These are platinum tipped plugs and have a longer service life when compared to the older BUR7EQ Spark Plugs.

The factory recommendation for the FD3s was 2 x BUR7EQP (7’s) for Leading plugs and 2 x BUR9EQP (9’s) for the trailing plugs. While it is popular to run all “9’s” in modified engines we have received increasing requests for the hotter BUT7EQP plugs, these are normally extremely difficult to source in the UK

We are offering These BUR7EQP plugs in sets of 2 in order to supplement the use of them in conjunction with BUR9EQP plugs.

These are also popular choices in

  • RX-7 FC3s TurboII

Sold as a Set of 2 spark plugs (please note you will require 4 plugs total of your chosen heat rating ranges in order to carry out a full spark plug replacement)

If you require spark Plugs for your RX-7 FC3s EGI then you will need BR10ET in our other listing.

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Mazda RX-7 FC3s Turbo II
Mazda RX-7 FD3s
Mazda RX-8 Turbo

Heat Rating

NGK Rating – 7

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