HKS Super Power Flow Induction Kit for RX7 FD

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The Super Power Flow kit from HKS has been designed to reduce intake air resistance by removing stock intake pipes that can cause turbulence due to the corrugations normally found in them.

The pipes are made from aluminium and include 2 x 150mmx60mm diamiter HKS Super Power Flow Air filters in green.
Each filter has an easily replaceable “Dry 3 layer” foam filter mounted in to the signature HKS filter frame.

Dry 3 layer type Super Filter was newly developed. Intake efficiency, dust collection performance and replacement cycle are highly balanced. It is long life type filter.

Each kit includes everything required to carry out the full conversions from the stock intake airbox system to the HKS Racing Suction setup for your RX-7 FD.
The improvement brought from this conversion should have a noticeable effect to the engine response, and power output.

The Kit includes

  • 2 x Super Power Flow Reloaded Filters
  • 2 x Intake Hard Pipes
  • Silicon Coupelers
  • Hose clamps
  • Fasteners, Gaskets and brackets.


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