Hardened Stationary Gear Set for 13b Engines

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This is a set of new genuine Mazda high powered stationary gears from the 231ps RX-8

These are hardened and come with bearings already installed with the set screw bearing retainer in place. These are a great upgrade for engines looking to make power, be if the RX-8 4 port (192ps) engine of an earlier RX-7

These are a great upgrade for damaged original parts especially on the low power 192ps RX-8 engine or the FC3s engines.

This package includes

  • 1 x Hardened front stationary gear with bearing installed
  • 1 x Hardened rear stationary gear with bearing and rear main oil seal*

*the rear main oil seal if for the RX-8 so if your running this on an RX-7 we would recommend replacing this with the RX-7 rear main oil seal.

Bearing to shaft clearances should be checked and adjusted accordingly if they are being used on earlier 13b engines.

Please note that when using them in an RX-7 engine you will need to apply sealant to the mounting face as there is no groove in the stationary gear for the OEM O’Ring usually found on pre RENESIS engines.

These are special order only and cannot be cancelled once ordered.


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