Genuine Mazda Metal Oil Control Ring Case Set

£550.00 £399.00 (inc VAT)

Fits all years of engine from 1969-2013

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These Metal Oil Control Ring Cases are sole as a full engine set for twin rotor 10a, 12a and 13b engines from 1969-2013

Each set comes with

  • 4 x Inner Metal Oil Control Ring Cases
  • 4 x Outer Metal Oil Control Ring Cases

The outside face (that contacts with the side iron) of the oil control ring has a sloped face, when inspecting your original rings there will be a thin silver ring visible on the surface, this is the wear ring where form where is it in contact with the engines side plates, this wear ring should be no more than 0.5mm thick at any point around the oil control ring.

If your wear ring is more than 0.5mm thick then these will require replacing.

These cases from Mazda would cost you £349.92+VAT (£419.90 inc VAT) for a full engine set.

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Fits all Mazda Rotary Engines


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