Facet Blue Top High Delivery Fuel Pump Kit for Old Skool Rotaries inc RX-7 FB

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Facet blue top high delivery fuel pump.
This pump will cope with the fuel needs of most carburettors and will usually not require a standalone fuel pressure regulators is used with the Nikki carburettor that is standard fit for the RX-7 FB

An industry standard for over 60 years, these lightweight compact pumps can be found in almost every conceivable application. With output ranges up to 170.3 liters/hour, .68 bar, these pumps will provide high-performance output for everything from racing cars to heavy duty agricultural and construction machinery. E10 E85 Compatible.

The stock Series 3 fuel pump is no longer available so this works as a great alternative replacement that will delivery your fuel needs on a stock or mildly modified engine.


  • 1x Pump (480532E) 2x 8mm 90 Degree Union (FPA9021B)
  • 1x Facet Mounting Kit (FPA905)
  • 1x Spare Filter (FPA908W)
  • Specification Earth:- Neg Pressure (Psi):- 6.0-8.0
  • Length:-140mm Diameter:- 54mm

As this is not an OEM pump it will not be a simple direct fit replacement for the stock pump, so some custom work may be needed to mount the pump in the stock location.

Earth:- Neg
Pressure (Psi):- 6.0-8.0

Fuel:- Diesel/ Petrol
Flow:- US Gallons/Hr 40
Dry Prime Height in Mtrs:- 40
Thread Size:- 1/4 npt
Operating Temperature:- -40º to +180° F (all Models)

Additional information

Fuel Delivery

US Gallons/Hr 40

Pressure (Psi):

6.0-8.0 (PSI)


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