Essex Rotary RX-8 Super Angle Tie Rods

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If your in to drifting or just putting your car sideways on occasions then you know how important it is to have plenty of steering angle in your steering racks travel. More steering angle means bigger slides without spinning out, and also a tighter turning radius on your vehicle when turning.

Our new Super Angle Tie Rods are designed to do just that, while also giving you a range of adjustments by way of adding the included spacers to your setup in order to tune your RX-8’s steering angle just right for your setup.

Our Super Angle Tie Rods are the first and easiest step in increasing your cars steering angle and enabling you to catch ever bigger tail out moments without spinning out.

These rods have an integral rack spacer machined in to them to increase available steering rack travel, for additional angle simply add a range of the spacer that are included in with the kit and you can increase your steering angle more and more.

Please note that some you may not be able to utilize the maximum angle available on some suspension, wheel and tire setups and due to the wide range of varying setups you may need to trial these rods and spacers in order to find what works for you.

Each kit will include;

2 x Custom machined Super Angle Tie Rods
1 x Additional Rack Spacers pack (4 spacers add 1 or 2 per side)

These super angle tie rods are the same ones used on our Red RX-8 seen on the “The Gadget Show” in October 2017

*Strictly For Off Road Use Only,

A steering front wheel alignment will be required after installation


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