Millers Multifleet 15w40 Mineral Engine Oil 5L

£23.50 (inc VAT)

A quality mineral engine oil for your rotary engine that wont brake the bank.

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Essex Rotary now offer Millers Multifleet 15w40 as an alternative option fo our long used Comma 15w40 mineral oil used in the RX-7 and RX-8.
Due to unrealistic price increases from Comma we are glad to announce that we not have a viable alternative that meets the same specs.

Multifleet 15w40 is a mineral, full SAPs heavy duty engine oil suitable for all modern engine technology, up to and including EURO 5. Designed to meet the stated manufacturer specifications
While there are plenty of other oils out there with higher specifications, if you just want a basic oil that does the job and wont let you down then Millers Multifleet 15w40 is one to consider.

  • Excellent cold flow properties on startup, protecting vital components
  • Extended drain capabilities where applicable
  • Suitable for some automotive applications ideal for use in mixed fleets

This is a 5L  bottle, perfect for oil changes or storing at home or in the garage ready to top up your smaller bottle.

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Volume Per Bottle

5 Litres (5000ml)



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