Essex Rotary Select Uprated 2kw Starter Motor for RX-8

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Now available at 2 price options to meet your budget.


Earn up to 170 ER Points.


The 2kw Starter is the equivalent of the third revision starter Mazda released part number N3z1. The Only Starter Motor faster is the R3 Spec.

Essex Rotary are now able to offer two grades of our excellent starter motors. The “Platinum Series” and the “Economy Series”
Both starters are of good quality but we have introduced the “Economy Series” are a more affordable option for those on a budget.

Platinum Series

Our Essex Rotary Platinum Starters are a higher quality starter selected for their durability and longevity. These are the same great starter motors we have sold for years without issue and they take pride of place as our “Platinum Series” option due to their quality and reliability.
Do Not Confuse these with cheaper Starters found on auction sites

Economy Series

A Great Starter motor on a budget. Our new “Grade B” Starter motor has been selected as an affordable alternative to our “Platinum Series” Starters. The Aim is to offer a good starter that is closer to the prices of the cheap budget starters found on auctions sites without sacrificing quality.
Essex Rotary are please to bring you this affordable uprated 2kw starter motor for the Mazda RX-8

Essex Rotary are please to bring you this uprated uprated starter motor for the Mazda RX-8.
This starter motor is the equivalent of the 3rd version of the Starter that Mazda released the N3Z1 delivering typical cranking speeds of around 250-280 rpm, this starter is the perfect upgrade if your original starter motor is showing signs of age and delivery low cranking speeds subsequently causing your engine to flood.

We have seen original early spec starter motors deliver cranking speeds as low as 120 rpm, this is nowhere near enough to reliably start your car.

Please allow up to 7 days for delivery of this item at times of low stock.

Additional information

Weight N/A

2003-2008 Mazda RX-8
2008-2013 Mazda RX-8


Can Replace Mazda Part Number
N3R3 (note it will be slower than a healthy version of this starter)


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