Essex Rotary Exclusive 65A Alternator for 84-85 RX-7 FB Series 3

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50 Amp output for reliable power.

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This alternator has been specially selected by us as an ideal replacement for your original Series 3 RX-7 FB alternator if it has failed. This alternator also put out higher amperage than the stock 55amp unit found on most Series 3 FB’s

These alternators are made to extremely high standards so you can be happy in the knowledge that you will get complete reliability for many more years.

You may need to make a couple of small changes in order to fit the car as your original unit did.

  • The main mounting lugs have a threaded hole on the front , you can either install the bolt from the rear or drill this out to 10mm and install the bolt from the front with the usual lock nut on the rear. (please note that this is the 14mm headed bolt on the bottom left when looking at the alternator from the front) the Adjuster lock bolt does not need modification
  • You may want to swap out your original alternator pulley if your not running a dual V pulley, as the pulley supplied is larger and is designed to accept both 10mm and 13mm wide belts. By installing the original pulley you will retain the OEM look.

Both of the above modifications are not essential but we feel its best to let you know prior to purchasing.

With a 65A output this is around 10Amps higher than the original unit, this should be good to help power additional items like electric fans etc.

OEM Part Number –

Product Image is not of actual part at this time – Image is of our S5 RX-7 FC alternator


Additional information

Weight 6 kg

1984-1985 Mazda RX-7 FB Series 3

Part Numbers

Mazda –
Mitsubishi –


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