Pineapple Racing Intake Porting Templates for 13b-REW

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Porting templates are sold individually.


Earn up to 60 ER Points.


Pineapple Racing’s CNC-laser cut stainless steel porting templates for 13B-REW engine, in 3rd gen FD RX-7s.

Unlike other templates, the holes are already cut for you. Just spray or brush Dychem or other brand Layout Fluid on the porting surface, then scribe the port outline using the template onto the layout fluid stain.

Pineapple Racing Offer these templates in a range of porting designs.

  • Small Street Port
  • Mediums Street Port
  • Large Street Port
  • Race Port
  • Bridge Port
  • J-Port

The most popular options are

  • Medium Street Port
  • Large Street Port
  • Bridge Port

Exhaust Port Templates are sold separately.

For off-road use only.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

Designed for use with the 3nd Gen/ FD(1993-2002), Series 6 or Late Cosmo RE/20B Engines


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