Pineapple Racing HD Water Seal Kit for RX-7 13b REW, S5, Cosmo RE

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Heavy Duty Reusable Water Jacket Kit for Your RX-7 running 13b REW, S5 13b or Cosmo 13b-RE

Essex Rotary’s favorite water seal kit recommended for use on tunes engine rebuilds.

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This is Pineapple Racing’s exclusive Heavy Duty Water Seal kit.

Pineapple Racing tested these seals for over 7 years in numerous street and track cars before offering them to their customers. They have proven to be a significant upgrade over the stock water seals. Pineapple Racing use them in all their 5-year warranty motors.
These seals are re-usable if you need to reopen the motor to freshen it, as long as the mileage is not too high or the engine too overheated. In other words, if you make a mistake and blow up your engine or perhaps improperly clearance the seals or whatever, these seals can be removed, allowed to “rest” for about 30 minutes and be reused when you put the engine back together. Stock water seals must be disposed of when freshening an engine, even with just a couple heat cycles.

Kit includes

  • Water jacket o-rings
  • Front cover o-ring (and backup washer, if needed application dependent)
  • Dowel o-rings
  • Rear stationary gear o-ring
  • Front Cover O Ring
  • Front Cover O Rick Back Up Washer
  • Dowty Washer Set (Tension Bolt Washers)
Please Note This kit does not include the front pulley bolt seal.

If you plan to reuse these seals then Pineapple racing recommend that Hylomar is NOT used to install their HD water seal kit during assembly, as this can damage the seals when the engine is striped and the seals are cleaned up.

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RX-7 FD3s with 13b REW
Series 5 RX-7
13b Cosmo RE


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