Pineapple Racing Exhaust Porting Templates for 13BT & 13b-REW

£44.99 (inc VAT)

Porting templates are sold individually.


Earn up to 45 ER Points.


Pineapple Racing’s 3rd Gen Exhaust Porting Templates

Designed for the 2nd Generation RX-7 TurboII and 3rd Generation RX7 (1993-2001, FD), this exhaust porting template kit includes one aperture template and one aligning jig. Pick the exhaust aperture template from the drop down menu.  We generally recommend you use the matching template for the intake template you picked,

i.e. use a medium exhaust template with the Medium Street Port Intake template.

Pineapple Racing Offer these templates in a range of porting designs.

  • Small Street Port
  • Mediums Street Port
  • Small Turbo Applications
  • Mediums Turbo Applications
  • Large Turbo Applications

Intake Port Templates are sold separately.

For off-road use only.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

Designed for use with the Exhaust Porting Template-FD RX7, REW engine, 1993-2001


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